Happy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed children’s author and humanitarian.

“Happy Johnson is an electrifying and inspiring speaker.” – Mr. Dave Eggers, author of Staggering Work of Heartbreaking Genius

“Mr. Johnson speaks eloquently about families he met rendering services [in the Gulf Coast]. He is deeply devoted to helping people forge a connection with the broader world and to get the resources that they need.” – Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, author of April 4, 1968

“The thematic thread that ran through Johnson’s convocation speech was his unnerving conviction that young people could be ‘first responders’ and that we all have a duty to redefine the paradigm of citizenship to include a collective sense of civic duty that would transcend national boundaries.” – Wartburg College

“Happy Johnson spoke to more than 450 doctoral students at our academic residency, where students from select programs had the opportunity to conceptualize and develop research that contributes to positive social change.” -Walden University

“Mr. Johnson is a dynamic communicator. He courageously delivers a message that is bold, uplifting, thought provoking, inspiring and enthusiastically received by his audience.” -Mrs. Loyce Wright, Executive Director of Louisiana Commission on Human Rights

“Happy Johnson is a phenomenal speaker.  He has a powerful personal story that both engages you and compels you to action.” – Dr. Petrice Sams-Abiodun, Executive Director of Lindy Boggs National Center for Community Literacy

“Happy is an engaging speaker with an admirable ability to speak across generations. As a board member of Louisiana Civil Rights Museum and 2018 Co-Chair of City of New Orleans MLK Federal Holiday Planning Commission, his experience and commitment to justice is palpable.”  -The Reverend Whitney Fauntleroy

“God bless you, Happy. Very encouraging and informative. I believe in the power of persistence like never before because I am prepared for greatness.” – Ms. Denise Arceneaux, Student, Vocational Trade School

“Mr. Johnson is an astute storyteller that young people need to hear from. He listens, speaks with students and invests time in answering questions.” – Ms. Carla Briggs, Middle School Teacher, Crocker College Prep

Johnson co-founded Blanket New Orleans, an initiative of Team Happy Foundation, which “provided humanitarian relief to storm survivors and served as a leading national advocate for the city’s recovery.” – Georgetown University

“Blanket New Orleans is a great organization to be apart of it.” – U.S. Rep. John Lewis, author of March

“The Adventures of Happy & Big Wanda book series teaches kids and parents that it is our responsibility to prepare for the unexpected.” – Lt. Gen. Russel L. Honore, Ret., author of Leadership in the New Normal

“I appreciate the lessons you are teaching. Everyone should have a copy of The Adventures of Happy & Big Wanda.” – Ms. Nikki Giovanni, author of My House

Happy Johnson’s news features include:


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