Happy Johnson is a nationally acclaimed children’s author and humanitarian.


College Convocations, Corporate Functions, and Educational Conferences

From Foster Care to First Responder: Happy Johnson’s passionate delivery and breathtaking story empowers the audience. Johnson’s journey focuses on leadership initiative; he details how, by transcending a childhood fraught with adversity, he was able to become an innovative leader working to make New Orleans and Haiti more resilient. In essence, his message is his life. Acclaimed author Dave Eggers called Johnson “an electrifying and inspiring speaker.” His story illustrates the immense power of human will.

Vocational, Middle and High School Assemblies

Finding Purpose Through Persistence: Mr. Johnson outlines a road map to achieve goals despite the odds. Faith, positive attitude, and humor are among the key characteristics highlighted during this unforgettable speech. “I view my challenges in a different way and with more confidence. I’m no longer afraid to be myself. Thank you for sharing your story of hope,” lamented one student.

Redefining Social Responsibility in the 21st Century

Happy Johnson challenges audiences to embrace a ‘new citizen-leader model’ amid global distress, economic inequality, and environmental emergencies. Johnson engages participants in a discussion about the visualization of social responsibility as a means toward individual and collective happiness.

Earth Day: Children, Disasters and The Coastal Restoration Economy

Per the intersection between disaster preparedness training and coastal restoration implementation, Happy Johnson discusses the role of public health professionals in preparing vulnerable families for the unexpected. Fusing technical expertise and cultural competency, Johnson asks: can emerging jobs in the restoration industry become a sustainable pathway toward comprehensive community readiness and poverty reduction?

Black History Month: Lecture on Dr. King’s Legacy of Love

Since 2004, Happy Johnson has served on Martin Luther King Holiday Planning Commissions in Washington, DC or New Orleans. His award winning neighborhood-resiliency programs, which focus on literacy and youth development, are rooted in Dr. King’s mission to build a more equitable, love-centered society. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson proclaims: “Mr. Johnson speaks eloquently; he is deeply devoted to helping people forge a connection with the broader world.” In this talk, Johnson reflects on the living legacy of the civil rights movement and how it has influenced his life.

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